Where to Go

Wondering where to walk or run in Watertown?  Below are a few suggestions of places to go and destinations you can walk to, such as to school or commercial districts.  Walking is an important part of everyone’s day and an easy way to get exercise, so start incorporating more walking into your routine today!

Local Streets + Commercial Districts

Local StreetsObviously you know you can walk on local streets.  But perhaps you didn’t know about the Watertown Walks map that you can use to plan your walks better.

Schools + Commercial Districts

SchoolsWatertown is not that big, and chances are you don’t live that far from a corner store, grocery store or even a mall.  So try walking sometimes to do your errands.  Biking is good too. Also, your kids’ school probably isn’t that far away either.  Encourage your kids to walk one or both directions.  If you have the time, walk with them.

Charles River Path

Charles River PathUse part of the  23 miles multi-use path to walk in the evening with your family.  It’s a great way to feel like you have left the urban environment without having too travel to far.  Check here to see a map of the path.

Watertown Greenway

Watertown GreenwayThis is the newest multi-use path in Watertown.  It was part of the Watertown Branch Railroad.  Right now, the path is open from Arlington Street to School Street.

 The Arsenal

The ArsenalArsenal Park is another great place to walk.  It’s located near the Charles River Path and the next to the Arsenal Mall.  So, next time you’re at the Mall,stop by for a short walk around the park, and even extend your walk down to the Charles River.

 Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn CemeteryMount Auburn Cemetery is a great destination any time of year!  And it’s in Watertown!   The Cemetery is accessible by foot, bike, public transit and there is parking if you drive.  Also, there is a great view of Boston’s skyline from the Cemetery.

Gore Place

Gore PlacePerhaps you didn’t know that you can walk around Gore Place, but you can.  It’s a working farm so you can take your kids to see the farm animals and pick up some fresh veggies in the summer.

Winter Fun
Winter FunWondering what do in the winter?  Grab a pair snowshoes and head for a walk after it snows a few inches.  Or take your cross country skis down to the Charles River Path before it gets shoveled.  Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.