Where to Go

There are many on-street and off-street options to ride your bike in Watertown.  Take your bike down to the Charles River Path and enjoy a great afternoon riding  and seeing the sights.  If you’re feeling really adventurous you could ride your bike to go canoeing on the Charles, and then ride your bike back home.  Or  instead of driving to pick up those groceries you forgot , take your bike.  It’s a a great way to get exercise and save money.

Watertown Greenway

Watertown GreenwayDescription:  Formerly part of the  Watertown Branch Railroad, the Greenway is the newest multi-use path in Watertown.  Right now the path is open from Arlington Street to School Street.

Distance:  1.2 miles, with plans to expand

Charles River Path

Charles River PathDescription:  Use the 23 mile multi-use path to get to Harvard Square, Back Bay or Downtown Boston for recreation or to get to work.   Or travel west and go to Waltham.  Check here to see a map of the path.

Distance:  23 miles

Bike Lanes + On-Street Biking

Bike Lanes + On-Street BikingBike Lane locations: 
Charles River Road
N Beacon Street Arsenal (partial)
Main Street – Moxley Park to Waltham