Tips + Tricks to Healthy Eating

The Basics
  1. PLAN AHEAD Prepare menus for nutrition and have a physical activity plan.
  2. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE Look up nutrition information on your favorite foods.
  3. TRACK YOUR SUCCESS Keep a journal of foods and notice healthy choices.
Specific Tips + Tricks
  • Keep your favorite salad dressing on hand
  • Use leftover prepared vegetables for the next meal
  • Add vegetables or salad to sandwiches and pizza
What Watertown residents have to say…

In 2012, Watertown residents were asked about their tricks to eating healthy. Here are some of their responses:

  • Shop the perimeter at the grocery store
  • Buy fruit – Try frozen berries kept in the freezer for smoothies
  • Select healthy food
  • Cook at home and with friends
  • Cooks meals that can be leftover for lunch
  • Cook a big meal on Sundays that will last for a few days
  • Eat what is in season
  • Eat fish
  • Combine beans with pasta dishes
  • Cut-up fruit and vegetables, so that it can be ready to eat (fast food!)
  • Grow a garden and include vegetables
  • Enjoy a fruit before dessert
Consider a Compromise

“We are in a five-member multi-generational family. Two of us eat very healthy and the other three are very picky eaters, so we do our best to compromise on a vegetable that everyone will eat at dinner time.”

“Having a vegetarian in the family has meant that we all eat vegetarian most of the time. We use a pressure cooker for beans and some veggies, which saves time and energy.”

Word Cloud

Below is a ‘word cloud’ that shows the most common words that were mentioned in the community survey. The key themes included:

  • Planning ahead
  • Cooking at home
  • Having healthy snacks
  • Keeping only healthy food in the houseLive Well Watertown Logo