Meal Planning

Breakfast at home helps you connect with family and give your brain a boost so your concentration is improved for the day. We need this boost to have energy for the day’s tasks.

Time efficient healthy breakfasts may include:
  • A sandwich with lean protein, cheese, and a fruit
  • An egg on whole wheat toast
  • An oat english muffin with nut butters
  • Fruit and yogurt
  • Banana with whole grain cereal and milk
  • Cooked cereal and fruit
  • A portion of leftover food from yesterday’s meal
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Soup with protein and vegetables
  • Quesadillas or breakfast burritos
Quick ways to include more fruits and vegetables:
  • When we are hungry we tend to grab the first thing we see. Place healthy food in an obvious place so you will be tempted to eat the healthy food first.
  • Put your fruits and vegetables at eye level so you see these and remember to prepare and eat them.
  • Only buy fruits and vegetables that you will eat in one week (or before they perish — based on their ripeness).
  • Wash, trim, slice, and cut your vegetables early in the week so your prep time is cut in half.
  • If you love fruits and vegetables prepared a certain way such as dressings for salad – be sure to prepare more than you think you need. Use the leftover prepared vegetables for the next meal or for your soup.
  • Think berries, bananas or peaches that are frozen for a hot treat.
  • Add vegetables to pizza or top with a salad…
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